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Best Chrome extensions for developer

Programming and Tech     Published at 8 months ago    Subhash Bista

Best Chrome extensions for developer

Google Chrome is the most used web browser on the web. Chrome is popular for its Developer mode also but chrome developer mode is not so easy. You have to be used to it to use it. But here we have one thing which is easy to use and definitely suits you. 


With this extension, you can create a design and simply export them into a CSS file. CSS-Shack will help you to maintain and create a style guide for a website. There are many Design Tool in this extension.

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As a web developer, Fonts always disturb the mind. WhatFont will help you to find the font of any text on a webpage whenever you are browsing on Chrome. Just hover the mouse over the text and it will show the font.

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Palette Creator

Palette Creator will tell you the colours which are using on an image with their RGB and hex colour code.

Web Developer

It is one of the must have extension for a web developer. There are a lot of tools in this extension. As a web developer, you can easily understand the meaning of each and every tool of this extension.

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Restlet Client

This extension allows you to receive, send and manipulate HTTP/REST requests and responses. This extension is great for quick network request.

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It is an easy to use cookie editor which will help you to manage all of your cookies stored in your browser.

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Check my links

This extension will tell you that how many broken links available on a web page. As a web developer, you know about broken links that a broken link can generate 404 error.

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