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5 Tools Every Developer Should Know

Programming and Tech     Published at 8 months ago    Subhash Bista

5 Tools Every Developer Should Know

For every developer, along with the knowledge of programming language, a sound knowledge of developer tools is needed for a more productive outcome.

There are thousands of developer tools across the internet but there are some tools which are very important and every developer needs to know them to maintain a better work flow.

1. GitHub

It is a great tool for developers/programmers who want to work in a collaborative manner. GitHub is a web based repository hosting server with a graphical interface. GitHub offers excellent revision control and source code management functionality of Git. GitHub is most commonly used by software developers (desktop app, mobile app, web app, ) and designers to store their code for collaborative work or public use.

2. BitBucket

Every developer wants to have a back-up of his code in the cloud as he can’t take the risk of loosing project code. BitBucket is one of the best code repositories for devs to store and share their code for a more efficient and collaborative work.


The best part of Bitbucket is it is free for the storage of private codes also. It makes developers work east by enabling a better way to collaborate with their team. Unlimited private repositories flexible deployment models and are important features of bitbucket.

3. Slack

Slack is basically a messaging app specially for the teams of designers and developers. Slack helps developers to send files and other digital assets. Next important reason for Slack’s popularity over developer community is because it saves discussions and also creates a database of topics that are discussed.

4. OSS Discovery

OSS Discovery finds the open source software embedded in the application and installed on a computer. OSS Discovery helps the enterprises better manage open source software usage and remain compliant with internal policies, regulation, and software license terms. This is a great way to let your customers and vendors know that you take open source licensing seriously.

5. Source Tree

SourceTree is free Git & Mercurial client for Windows and Mac and for other repositories listed above. With a variety of services, SourceTree lets developers to work with repositories. SourceTree also allows you to collaborate with people who aren’t programmers too. For Windows and Mac users, SourceTree makes version control easy and visual.


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